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Emmanuel Christian Community College, Girrawheen

Ferguson Architects was commissioned in 2013 to prepare a Masterplan for a new Junior School – Kindergarten to Year 6 – on a green field site near the main campus.

An accommodation schedule, prepared in consultation with the school and informed by an Educational Facilities Brief prepared by an independent Education Consultant, formed the basis of the concept plan which was developed to achieve the following objectives –

• Implement the Schools Strategic Plan 2013 - 2018
• To provide a modern teaching and learning environment
• Accommodate all the Junior Years in a new building that can be staged in the most cost effective way to budget constraints
• Have low environmental impact and be energy efficient through the choice of materials and active and passive environmental control systems

A traffic management and parking plan was completed to establish and meet the requirements of the Local Planning and Traffic Authority.
The development which involves staged construction is under way with Stage 1 recently completed.

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