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St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, Karrinyup

In 2016 Ferguson Architects undertook a masterplanning exercise for St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School with the following key objectives:

• Identify any Planning Authority constraints including height limitations, Bushland Forever, Bushfire Prone Area policies.
• Identify existing pedestrian routes and explore options for rationalization and expansion of these at ground and first floor levels with vertical access points and universal accessibility.
• Identify existing vehicle circulation and explore options for rationalization for cars and access routes for emergency and delivery vehicles.
• Update the survey of the current campus showing all physical features and including invert levels of sewers to the septic tanks in progress
• Collate existing ‘as constructed’ information that is available for underground services and explore options for future expansion of all services.
• Identify existing car parking and options for future expansion to meet Local Authority requirements: current 3 bays per classroom.
• Identify and explore options for replacement or relocation of existing built facilities.
• Explore options for future building expansion
• Explore options for the retention and development of green spaces and landscaped areas


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