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Nilai College, Malaysia

A private tertiary education facility, designed to accommodate 6000 students with expansion provision for up to 10000 students is located on a 42 hectare site within the 2500 hectare new town - Bandar Baru Nilai, 45 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur International Airport at Sepang.

The site comprises a large natural amphitheatre crossed by seasonal watercourses with steep hill formations on the western and northern boundaries.  A hill was reduced in height by 20 metres to create a 3-hectare platform to accommodate the academic core.  Housing for 4000 students was located around the perimeter of the amphitheatre.

Spectacular views out of the site are available to the east and south and entrance was available from the southern valley.  The orientation of the academic core was tilted off north/south to make use of the valley views and secure the hill formation as a protective backdrop on the western and northern boundaries.

To facilitate staging of the development, the academic core has been designed as a composition of individual elements linked by covered pedestrian ways.  The five level Resource Centre, which houses the tertiary and specialised teaching spaces, forms the hub of the campus.

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