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Methodist Ladies' College, Claremont

Ferguson Architects, in collaboration with Urbis, formulated a Campus Masterplan in 2009 with the purpose of identifying a planning structure for the Senior, Middle and Junior School years, linking open space zones and identifying possible movement and relocation strategies.

Five main criteria behind the development of the Campus Masterplan were:
• Upgrade all facilities and maximise capacity
• Remedy traffic issues and people/car conflicts
• Orientate to the river
• Retention of heritage buildings
• Address environmental and sustainability issues


The framework of the planning study analysed:
• Spatial structure plan
• Circulation – vehicles plan
• Landscape structure plan
• Accommodation movement strategies (as illustrated)
• Concept campus plan

In 2013 a new Junior Years Precinct Masterplan was developed and integrated into the overall campus plan based on the fundamental principle that the location of the junior years would remain in the same precinct area of the campus. The Masterplan was developed in consultation with multiple stakeholders including college leadership teams, teacher focus groups and the Project Control Group. The framework of the study was similar to that employed for the main campus plan. The accommodation movement strategies and staging, as illustrated, are considered critical in providing a workable final design for the proposed new Junior Years Precinct.

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