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The University of Western Australia - Central Teaching Facilities Upgrade

As part of scheduled works to upgrade centrally timetabled facilities, 35 lecture theatres and teaching rooms across UWA of varying age and condition were refurbished to bring them into a more contemporary learning environment. The objective of the upgrade was to provide a learning-centred approach to education, away from a teacher-led approach to one that fosters collaboration. Workshop sessions were held with groups from each faculty to discuss the different space type configurations and how each room should operate.


With a focus on technology-rich spaces and a flexible arrangement of furniture, new audio visual equipment, lighting, carpet, ceilings and air conditioning were provided along with brightly coloured acoustic treatments and seating in each room.


Whilst it was essential to retain some of the lecture rooms, several of them were modified to become flexible teaching spaces that encourage discussion and participation. Particular emphasis was placed on ensuring that classrooms were capable of being adapted and reconfigured for use with multiple teaching objectives.


Working closely with the project team and contractors during this time was essential to ensure minimal disruption to the University and timely completion of the project on its very tight programme.

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