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Malcolm Street Apartments

A proposal to construct a thirteen-level residential development containing 22 apartments, 41 car parking bays and the partial retention of the heritage listed Edith Cowan House was approved by the City of Perth in 2018. 

The proposal retains the principal aspects of Edith Cowan House with a series of conservation works proposed to restore the house. The use of the building will incorporate a library/reading and meeting areas, maintaining the historical use of the house by the Cowan family. The location of the house in the centre of the site determined that it became the focal point of the development and the main entrance, whilst the apartment building occupied the southern half of the site​.


The apartments, consisting of 1, 2 and 3 beds and two penthouses take full advantage of city and river views to the east  and south with views of Parliament House and gardens to the north.

External landscaping will be provided to the street side of Edith Cowan House with protected sitting areas. The landscape design will aim to accentuate its presence and with formal characteristics, be a contemporary interpretation of a traditional garden of a Victorian Rustic Gothic House. 

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