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Rottnest Island Accommodation

The original village constructed between 1840 and 1890 as a prison settlement in Thomson Bay was converted to tourist accommodation in 1911. In 1971 the Rottnest Island Board commissioned a report on the island’s possible development.


As a result, 60 new cottages were planned for the Thompson Bay Settlement employing the new structures to reshape some of the original buildings. Construction commenced in 1972 on a group of cottages south of the Hotel and also at Bathurst Point at the northern extremity of the Settlement.


The Hotel, formerly the Governor’s Residence and the Hostel, formerly the Prison, were extended and in part historically reinstated. Other works included staff accommodation, a restaurant building, expanded shopping facilities, a new airport terminal building and restoration of some of the original waterfront cottages.


In 1976, during the redevelopment of the Thompson Bay Settlement, the design of a self contained 100 cottage village was commenced to be constructed on the saddle between Geordie and Longreach Bays. Previous earthworks commenced by others for an earlier village had started severe wind erosion of the banks by the saddle, particularly in Longreach Bay. To combat this erosion, the cottages were sited as retaining walls to the banks flanking both bays. Cottages were also located on the small reef locked Fays Bay at the north end of the saddle.

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