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St Mary's Anglican Girls' School - Performing Arts Centre

Designed in context with the adjacent chapel the centre has been integrated into the contours of the surrounding landscape allowing the chapel lawn to become an extension of the upper foyer space and the creation of an outdoor performance area off the lower entrance addressing the open grassed chapel valley.

The resultant geometry of integrated varying pitch roofs encloses naturally lit public spaces which explore the linking of volumes with structure and glass.  These light airy spaces lead to the contrasting darkened introverted performance spaces focusing on the stage.

The adjoining buildings completed in 2004 accommodate music practice rooms, ensemble room a percussion room, dance studio and music teaching facilities These are linked to the backstage facilities of the auditorium by a separate entrance  foyer.

Enhancing the interior, the simple finishes used throughout combine the texture of bagged brickwork, smooth painted concrete and timber veneer with a limited palette of accent colours against neutral backgrounds.

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