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Department Of Parks And Wildlife - Biodiversity Science Centre

The Biodiversity Science Centre, which undertakes world class scientific research to enhance the protection of Western Australia’s outstanding natural terrestrial environment, houses the Western Australian Herbarium, research laboratories for the Flora Conservation Group and the Threatened Flora Seed Centre along with shared facilities of DPAW, including a reception area, a suite of meeting rooms, a resource centre and café.

The building  consists of two wings of three storeys that envelope a central atrium space with vaulted ceilings. The latter not only provides a source of natural light to surrounding offices and work rooms but also enables the building users to utilize this space as a central informal meeting area. The atrium floor, constructed from sustainable West Australian Marri is curved to reflect the contours of the land and stepped to encourage occupants to use the floor as seating. 

This building has been designed with sustainability issues as prime consideration despite the heavy energy requirements of the laboratories and the requirement to keep specimens in a strictly controlled climatic environment to ensure their long term preservation.

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