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St Mary's Anglican Girls' School - Library

The Elizabeth Myles Library building at St Mary’s Anglican School for Girls, Karrinyup accommodates a collection of approximately 25 000 books, magazines and journals. It provides a main open area for bookshelves, general reading and study and flexible teaching spaces on an elevated first floor building on campus. Various seating arrangements and study areas provide attractive options for students as an alternative to the traditional style of learning.  An audio visual teaching room, print zone, librarian’s office and reception make up the rest of the library.


Constructed in  painted off form concrete, chestnut face brick and tiled roof, the selected material finishes are contextual with those of the existing buildings on the site.  A stained glass window from the old library has been carefully incorporated into the south elevation, reminding patrons of the history and tradition of the school.  Existing and extended walkways link the elevated library to other buildings on campus, keeping the covered undercroft area free for other school use and allowing open vistas through to the sports fields.


The interior is minimalist and fresh and the extensive use of glass in the north and east elevations give strong visual contact with the external landscape and an enhanced feeling of space and light. The roof profile has been designed to provide north facing slopes for solar voltaic panels, south facing windows and internally, vaulted ceilings with high level natural lighting. The installation of the PV panels took advantage of available grants and, with the combination of an insulated floor and window treatments, increased the energy efficiency of the building.

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